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Best Laptop Under 500

When I talk about the best laptop under 500 bucks, I want the best value laptop! I am looking at bargain laptops that for the purposes of this article are those that offer the best all round package in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use. Because we are looking for the best value laptops, or in other words the real bargain laptops, I will focus the search to find the best laptop under 500.

I’ll look at Acer vs Asus vs Lenovo vs HP vs Dell, in my quest to find the best laptop under 500. But for those who just want the best value laptop straight away, click the link below, I’ve used a link so it doesn’t spoil the article for others.

Best Laptop under 500

For the rest of you, where to start? Well we can’t really go wrong starting with a shootout of Acer vs Asus…


When looking at laptops in this range, there aren’t many bigger matchups than Acer vs Asus, as both are huge players in today’s market. Having looked at Acer’s offering, bearing in mind the $500 limit. The best all round package I can see is the Acer Aspire 15.6″ LED Notebook (NX.G9ZAA.002;F5-571-50PF). This handy notebook is a comfortable and easy to use 15.6” screen, not so big that it become unwieldy and not so small that its unusable. But my interest is piqued by the stats!

This Acer Aspire LED Notebook has:

  • An Intel Core i5-4210U processor, with a 3MB Cache. The processor is what carries out the tasks you ask the computer to do.
  • 8GB DDR3L SDRAM, which is important! RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is what allows your computer to process multiple things at once.
  • A 1TB SATA Hard Drive, which is the equivalent of 350,000 3MB high resolution images…

It also comes with a solid graphics card, Windows 10 operating system, Lithium Ion batteries giving it a 5 ½ hour battery life and weighs in at 5.3lbs. All this in a handy price nearly 20% lower than the top end of our budget. Happy days!

So, what are we going to compare it with? Well again, taking the best laptop under 500 in production by Asus, I have opted for the 2017 Asus 15.6” Premium High Performance Full HD 1080P Laptop. I’ll start with your first thoughts… It is around $100 more than the Acer… Yes, it is, but you get a bit more bang for your buck and this still comes in under 500 bucks.

So, what do you get? Well, the 2017 Asus Premium High Performance Laptop has an array of features, including:

  • 15.6” screen
  • A high-quality AMD Quad Core processor
  • 256 GB of storage (Who really needs a terabyte?)
  • But MOST IMPORTANTLY (!) this laptop comes with DVD RW ability.

It’s also got HD capability and comes in a little lighter at 4.6lbs. So, for my money, in the match up between these two, the best value laptop has got to be the 2017 Asus Laptop. Perhaps they’ve come to the same conclusion as me? Who actually uses a TB of storage? Why not spend that money on a higher performance specification, after all if you really need a TB of storage you can always plug in an external hard-drive.


So, when it came to Acer vs Asus… Asus won. But how does the 2017 High Performance Asus stack up against a Lenovo in the same: best laptop under 500 bracket? I’ve had a look and the best Lenovo under 500 that I could find was the 2016 Lenovo Premium Built High Performance. Yes, it’s last year’s model, but the specification of this laptop matches up to the Asus, and to be honest they’re shooting themselves in the foot marketing it as 2016 as to be honest that’s probably the main reason why it’s so cheap. It really is a bit of a bargain laptop!

So, what kind of specification are we talking?

  • 15.6” full HD+ Screen
  • A powerful AMD Quad Core Processor
  • 128GB solid state hard-drive
  • And a DVD RW to boot

Price? A reasonable chunk under $400! Yes, you do take a hit on the hard-drive once again, you probably want to get an external hard-drive to go with it, but at this price, and with the processing power and SDRAM available, it’s a bargain laptop!


So, we’ve looked at Acer vs Asus and Asus Won, we took a look at Asus vs Lenovo and Lenovo proved the best value laptop. So, where do we go with our shootout now? It’s time to bring in some big hitters. Let’s take a look at the HP 15-ay013nr 15.6″ Full-HD Laptop. Yes, HP is a massive brand and you might be a little surprised that you can even get a comparable big brand name laptop under 500 dollars. Let’s look at the specification of this behemoth.

  • A reliable Intel® Core(TM) i5-6200U Processor 2.3GHz with turbo boost up to 2.8GHz for those heavy processing tasks
  • 15.6” full HD Screen
  • 8GB DDR3L SDRAM as standard
  • 128GB hard-drive
  • DVD RW ability

To top it all off, it has 2 USB 2.0 ports (which the others don’t have) to allow more equipment to be connected to the laptop at the same time. For instance, an external hard-drive and a printer, or even just a mouse if you’re not a fan of the mouse pads that are standard on laptops. Yes, you pay a slight premium for the laptop and it does come in the most minute fraction heavier than the 2016 Lenovo at 4.7lbs, but the specification matches up, with the added bonus of 2 USB 2.0 ports, and the battery life is up to an amazing 7 ¼ hours. To be honest it’s a far more versatile prospect, and won’t leave you thinking: “Why didn’t I just pay the extra in the first place?” after all, it’s only around $50 more than the Lenovo and comes in well under the maximum 500 bucks


So, we’ve reached the end game. The HP Laptop has one contender left for the title of best laptop under 500 dollars. That contender? It’s made by another one of the big boys: Dell. The laptop in question? The Dell Inspiron 15.6 inch Premium Touchscreen Laptop. But what does this bargain laptop offer? Well…

  • 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-5200U mobile processor
  • 1 TB Hard-drive
  • Intel HD Graphics Card
  • 15.6” Touchscreen

All that means it is a fraction heavier, at 4.85lbs. With all the above in mind, as well as 2 USB 2.0 ports and HDMI port, meaning you can connect it to most modern TV’s to watch your favourite films and shows whenever you want to do so on a bigger screen, this could well be the best value laptop out there at the moment!


I love the Inspiron Series, I have one, can you tell? They’re reliable and great specification machines, and come in a fraction under the cost of other big names, such as the HP. So for me, when I look at all the laptops we’ve looked at in this article, the best laptop under 500 has to be the Dell Inspiron! It’s currently less than $450…

best laptop under 500