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Best TV Under 500

What are we looking for? Are we looking for the best 40 inch, or are we looking for the best LED TV? In my opinion the best TV under 500 dollars might fit into both of these categories, in fact at the price bracket its almost certain to, but will it be the best? Perhaps not! We’re looking for the best value TV, that happens to come in under 500 bucks, happens to be 40 inches, and happens to be LED.

For those who can’t wait to find out what I have picked, click the link below, for those who want the full facts read on.

Best tv under 500

So where shall we start? Well we are definitely looking at the 40 inch LED TV range, so let’s start with the offerings of Vizio and LG, in our shootout to find the best TV under 500 $’s.


First up let’s look at the VIZIO D40u-D1 40-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This machine is a really nice option, at about $400 depending on retailer, you’re getting a top-quality specification at a great price. The Ultra HD on this TV gives you 8.3 million pixels for stunning clarity. It’s a smart TV as well which means that you can stream directly off the internet on the TV. If that’s your main intention this TV has a heavy duty V6 6 core processor that will give you a fast, buffer free, streaming experience.

But what could we match that up against? Let’s take the 4K Ultra High Definition of the Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is simply stunning, the picture quality is stunning and combined with PurColor to bring you realistic reds, beautiful blues and gorgeous greens, as well as a Quad Core Processor for smooth transition, the picture quality is second to none. It has all the usability you would expect of a Smart TV, and aspects like the Smart View App, allowing you to watch content on either your mobile or TV and switch between the two, only add to an already very enticing package. The intuitive smart remote is also a useful addition and is easy to use, with its simple format.


So, what is our final contender?? I have picked the SONY KDL40W600B 40-Inch 1080P 60Hz LED HDTV. It’s another big-name brand but how does it stack up? Well, it comes in around the same price as the Samsung, but the advantages with the Samsung, I.e. that it’s ultra HD and a 4K TV are lost when you look at the Sony. A question of Sony resting on their laurels? Pretty much, their a big name brand but that’s about all this seems to offer, for the price I was expecting more.

We all know someone, I was one of them, who had a Sony for 10 years without any problems, so reliability isn’t going to be a problem. But they really could have created a better package at the price point! How could Vizio and Samsung provide Ultra HD smart TV’s and the giant brand of Sony couldn’t? Simply put, you’re paying for the brand image with Sony.


For me it has to be the Samsung. It’s the best value TV, the best LED TV, the best 40 inch TV and definitely the best TV under 500 dollars!! How did I come to this decision though? With the Samsung, you get a mix of the quality brand, a great package and a good price.

At about $50 less than the top of this price limit, with 4K Ultra HD for stunning picture quality backed up with a quad core processor to ensure the picture really lives up to expectations, it really is an extremely good option for those looking for the best TV under 500 bucks.

Its functionality is another great aspect of this TV, the Smart View app is a great little add-on, and the TV is really easy to operate. I’d also trust its reliability a bit more than the tv under 500